2011 Meetup FAQ

So I’ve had a few interested people email me with a few questions. We’ll answer more as we get them. To ask us any questions or if you just want to let us know that you’re interested in coming please don’t hesitate to email us at gear.media@gmail.com or fill out the feedback form at the bottom of the page.

What’s a synth meetup?

It’s an event where like minded synthesizer enthusiasts can get together and geek out! Synths from as many manufacturers as we can get our hands on will be on display. From ARPs to Waldorfs, new and old, modulars and keyboards, Analog and Digital we want to showcase as much as we can.

When is the Voltage Controlled 2011 Meetup?

We’re in the very initial planning stages at the moment. We don’t know where it’s taking place yet and therefore we don’t know when. Expect the date to be sometime in Spring or Summer 2011.

Is it going to cost anything to attend?

Again, we’re still in the process of setting up all our ducks in a row. If there is any sort of admission cost it is likely to be minimal and will likely only go to cover any costs.

Can I bring “X” synth?

If you’d like to come and you have a synth or two (or ten) that you’d like to showcase please let us know! If we have room and no one else is bringing what you’ve suggested we’ll set a spot aside for your gear. It’s also likely that some sort of monitoring equipment will be needed for people to hear your synth. We will have as much gear as we can get, but if you’re showcasing please bring your own amplification!

You stole this idea from Trash_Audio!

Yeah, we did. So what? It’s a great idea! Besides, that’s not even a question.

Thinking of attending? Got a question?


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