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Metered Internet Will Kill Artistic Collaboration

MeterThe latest story about the CRTC is something much more insidious but possibly slightly harder to grasp the importance of than their Dire Straits media guffaw. Metered Internet, otherwise known as Usage Based Billing or UBB, sounds innocuous enough but the long and short of it means that you will pay more for your Internet. What this means for artists, and more specifically musicians, is that sending that modest two gigabyte Ableton Live set to your friend across the country in Toronto could cost you between $4 and $10 extra on your internet bill.

What happens under this new billing system is you will pay for a limited amount of data or bandwidth every month with overages if you go over. Currently this amount has been unlimited for all intents and purposes and the main differences in the internet service providers plans has been the maximum download speed. Starting March 1st this will be a very limited amount of bandwidth with overage charges similar to that of cellphone minutes. Break the limit of your allotted bandwidth and you pay per gigabyte of overage. Continue reading


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