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Hardware v.s. Software

Roland Jupiter 8V

Can you tell the difference?

Recently I read a story about a particular soft synth. In the post a point was made to state that this was the only soft synth that the author would not likely retrack with hardware. While I understand that using and mastering hardware synths can be a point of pride for some, discounting the value of software to the point of ignoring it outright is likely leaving out about 80% of the synth market.

I’ll warn you now, this is not an analog v.s. digital comparison. Though the subject is discussed to a certain extent, this isn’t really the point of my comparison.
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Synth Events

Shout out out out out synths

The importance of community

In the last few years we’ve all witnessed some amazing technological advances in the world of synthesizers and electronic music. That said, one of the most impressive things I’ve come to appreciate about the synthesizer world is the grass roots community that has arisen in the blog/facebook/twitter age. From the Trash_Audio Synth Meets and BBQs at NAMM to MoogFest there is a real sense of community and fellowship in the world of synthesizers and sound design. I’ve personally spoken to people from all over the globe in all age groups with one singular thing in common. Synthesizers. Continue reading


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