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The importance of community

In the last few years we’ve all witnessed some amazing technological advances in the world of synthesizers and electronic music. That said, one of the most impressive things I’ve come to appreciate about the synthesizer world is the grass roots community that has arisen in the blog/facebook/twitter age. From the Trash_Audio Synth Meets and BBQs at NAMM to MoogFest there is a real sense of community and fellowship in the world of synthesizers and sound design. I’ve personally spoken to people from all over the globe in all age groups with one singular thing in common. Synthesizers.

This community isn’t exclusive to end users either. Small niche eurorack manufacturers like Harvestman, LiveWire, TipTop Audio and others have really had synth fans embrace their products and have helped to popularize the modular synth in a way that’s never been seen before. These small companies have embraced the internet as a tool to get the word out about the amazing innovations they’ve all made to make our wildest craziest dream modules a reality.

I regret that I’ve been missing out on a number of awesome synth events lately. First: Moogfest. I was so jealous of my friends Tara and Nik when I found out they were going. I followed the Moogfest Twitter feeds and facebook pages religiously during the festival. Second: NAMM. I’ve been wanting to attend the NAMM show as long as I can remember. It’s the best place to learn about what’s NEXT in music tech, it’s also apparently a great place to have a crazy awesome BBQ with crowd surfing! NAMM isn’t just about gear, it’s about meeting and creating dialog between enthusiasts and manufacturers.

My new years resolution this year is to stop missing out. I plan on attending both of the above events this year. Just saying that I won’t miss out is one thing. I won’t necessarily have the money, especially after the announcement of the TipTop Buchla inspired folding eurorack case. Just to be sure I don’t miss out completely again, I came up with an idea…

Andy Moog

Not the only Moog to play in Edmonton

Recently I was talking to my good friend Scott Fox from iVardensphere about this awesome community and we both realized that in this frozen wasteland of Edmonton, Canada there is quite a large and diverse number of synth users. From Buchlas, Serge systems, Eurorack, Moog/MOTM systems, Blacet format, ARPs, Rolands, Korgs and everything in between there are a large number of synths and dedicated synth geeks in my fair city.

Additionally, we are next door neighbours to one of the largest synthesizer collections in the world with the Cantos Synth Museum in Calgary. Cantos’ on staff electronics technicians also have one of the best reputations in the business, repairing and restoring vintage synths for a diverse clientele from Trent Reznor to some of my friends in Shout out out out out and even Tom Waits.

Edmonton Synth Meet

So with all the synths and synth geeks in our city Scott and I have decided to host our own version of Trash_Audio’s Synth Meets. The community here is small but passionate. A theme I see throughout the synthesizer world. We love our synths… a lot. We want to show the world what a special community we have. If you’re from Calgary or Edmonton, or anywhere else in the world for that matter let us know if you’d be interested in attending by emailing me at and I’ll let everyone know via email when a date is set. This event will likely take place this coming summer (2011) at some point.

We’re not going to restrict it to analog synths, but it IS a synth meetup. If you have a sonically interesting or obscure treasure or circuit bent monstrosity feel free to let us know about it and we’ll see about including it! If you know someone who might be interested in attending please tweet/email/facebook them so we can get them on the email list!

If you are a manufacturer, I would be honoured if you expressed any interest in our little experiment. We’d love to see you here!

I’ll have another post when any new info is available!



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  2. I’m all for a synth meet. It really is about time that something like this happens. It’s an electronic music renaissance right now!

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