In my last post I mentioned this charity as an aside at the end of the post. I was thinking about it today and I realize it deserves it’s own post.

Bob Moog is one of the pioneers of electronic music. His synthesizers are heard on nearly every top 40 album of the last 30 years. His MiniMoog synthesizer is a classic that nearly singlehandedly changed our modern musical landscape completely.

The Bob Moog Foundation is looking for funding from the Pepsi refresh project to introduce science and math programs using Moog instruments to inspire lifelong passion among students for the art and science of sound.

MoogLab brings electronic instruments like Theremins and synthesizers into underserved schools to teach children the science of sound, to inspire their own creativity and desire to innovate, and to forge connections between their classroom learning and fun, real-life applications.

Voting is open and you can vote daily to turn this dream into a reality for the Bob Moog Foundation.

With arts programs and school budgets suffering nationwide, and science education lagging behind that of other developed countries, we are committed to making an impact with MoogLab.

Vote now and vote often! The login is MUCH easier if you connect it with your facebook 😉


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