Tron’s Musical Legacy

What a great day to start a music blog! On the eve of Daft Punk’s latest release, the soundtrack to the most anticipated film of 2008 2010, TR2N Tron: Legacy.

I’ve been a fan of the original Tron since it originally came out in theatres in 1982. A world that looked unlike anything before or after. I also heard something completely different.

Growing up on my fathers beloved classic rock, Wendy Carlos’ epic Tron soundtrack sounded like nothing else. For those of you who don’t know, Wendy Carlos’ 1968 Switched on Bach brought synthesis out from the exclusive experimental avant guard and proved without a doubt the synth as a true musical instrument that could stand on its own. Without Wendy’s interest and influence on Bob Moog’s original synthesizer designs the modern synth as we know it could have languished in obscurity or have been laughed into obsolescence by “real” musicians.

Daft Punk has a pair of HUGE shoes to fill. Will Daft Punk be able to live up expectations put upon them by the giant Tron: Legacy hype machine?

Personally I think the Tron: Legacy soundtrack stands up well next to great modern theatrical soundtracks like Wendy’s. However I don’t think it’s what diehard Daft Punk fans will be expecting. It’s not Homework for the big screen. We’ll find out over the next few weeks what people think.

In the mean time, local poet laureate, genre smasher, and friend of a friend of anyone from Edmonton, AB, Rollie Pemberton (aka Cadence Weapon) released his awesome hype hijacking “Tron: The Mixtape” a few weeks ago. It’s awesome. If you love music you’ll love it, but like the new Tron soundtrack don’t expect 130bpm french electro bangers. Just good music.

|edit| I just wanted to drop an aside regarding another related legacy. The legacy of the father of the modern synth, Bob Moog. Please vote to get the Bob Moog Foundation 250K so they can help to teach kids science through electronic music.


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